Great designs meet people’s needs – truly converted, down to earth.

There are millions of great designs that have been sparkled; yet not all of them have truly been converted. At Shirtacy your inspirations could become the next big hit – we provide the platform for landing your masterpieces, down to earth.

Talents everywhere, most of them unfound.

Everyday there are fascinating new designs blossoming everywhere. However, most of them have gone unnoticed, thereby ending their path to real consumer needs. We want to change this rather saddening scenario. We want to help the unnoticed to be seen. We want a good design to fulfill its soul purpose – to make someone’s life a better one. Shirtacy would take part in this transformation - your ideas, our actions. The concept is simple. Just send us your inspired men’s shirt designs or sketches to

- our designers’ sketches blog,
- our email:,
- or come grab a coffee at our office and your part is done – the rest is on ours.

We will then select all the possible next big hits and push them into production line ready for retail.

Signature designs, practical end products

Designs are all about intuitiveness and intellect – we appreciate and acknowledge that by heart. Don’t worry, the sketches you sent to Shirtacy are of your intellectual property, and when we have chosen any of the selected designs you would be invited to discuss the making of the first sample. Until then you are still the legit owner of all your fine work. Don’t be afraid to show your masterwork on this blog, it is indeed visible to the public and in fact, it is a great opportunity to let the world aware and appreciate your talents. Since we are running a membership scheme, people who could comment or like a particular post would mean they could as well be our potential customers. The more likes and positive comments you get on your work, the more we could arrange sample making of that design. Should the samples be proceeded to the bulk production stage, we would definitely invite you to come over again to discuss further details and offer you two spectacular packages:

Package A:
We take care of all the cost of the bulk order, so you are simply risk-free. Whenever   your designed shirts are sold you would get certain amount of commission per pieces.

Package B:
You purchase the bulk order from us and sell them using our e-commerce platform; we then take certain amount of commission from each of your sales. Better profits, higher risks.

Every shirts designed by you selling on our e-commerce platform would be tagged with your name, and from there you could build up or enrich your ever-growing portfolio. Sounds interesting? Feels like having a go? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a detailed chat and start amazing the world now!

“One hand washes the other” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There are many key factors towards a successful achievement, yet cooperation is always the core of all. Your genuine work complies well with our platform as well as our manufacturing foundation. Collectively, we can achieve great things as companions.

If you would like to share the joy of turning a successful design to a successful product and reaching the hands of a happy customer thereafter, join us and witness this moment together.

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