Sizing Advisory

Are you fed up with buying something that looks nice but turns out it won’t fit?
Still struggling with the dull and boring size guides that you don’t even have a clue?
Ever wonder how to measure all the dimensions to your best fit?

With just a few steps you can fix all these – and hassle free guaranteed!
Simply grab yourself a tape measure and a buttoned shirt that fits you most, lay it on a flat surface and note down the readings as you tag along!

Fig. 1

Sleeve: Straighten your sleeve and measure from the very beginning of the sleeve to the very bottom of the cuff.

Chest: Look for the bottom of the armhole on your shirt, span across in a straight line until you reach the other side.


Fig. 2

Shoulder: Flip over your shirt and find the top of the armhole (the junction meeting the top of your sleeve). From there span across the whole shirt in a straight line until you meet the other side of the same position.

Length: Find the bottom seam of the collar stand. From there, measure perpendicularly at the middle of your shirt until you reach the very bottom of the hem.


Fig. 3

Neck: Unbutton and open up your shirt, from the backside of your top button (first button on placket) span across the whole collar until you find the middle of the buttonhole for the top button on the right.

Easy peasy? You are now all good to go!

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